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SUBLIME UNION: A Woman’s Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene

A Sacred Sexuality Manual and Erotic Memoir

By Mercedes Kirkel

Follow Mary Magdalene on a profound journey into the world of sacred sexuality.  In 2012, author Mercedes Kirkel received a series of messages from Mary Magdalene guiding her through the sexual practices known to priestesses in the ancient Egyptian temple of Isis. SUBLIME UNION presents Mary’s full instruction, interwoven with Kirkel’s stirring story of applying the teachings with her partner.

Building on the foundational messages offered in book one of The Magdalene Teachings, we’re now given the second key piece to embodying the union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Mary sheds light on the ancient wisdom of sacred sexuality—which has remained largely hidden until now—offering us the means to greater fulfillment in our relationships while deepening our spirituality through intimacy.

Best of all, the instruction happens in the context of a riveting, real-life account, bringing the “master-awakening-the-student” genre into the bedroom!

Spirituality / Sexuality / Memoir
320 pages, 23 illustrations
Into The Heart Creations

ISBN: 9780984002917

ISBN: 9780984002924